2023 Annual Statements to be Mailed Feb. 29


Your 2023 Annual Statement will be mailed this week. Please allow sufficient time for mail processing, but let us know if you do not receive it by March 11.

Annual Statement FAQS:

What is an annual member statement?

An annual member statement summarizes how much money or benefits you have in the SCERS pension system.

The annual statement includes information such as the member’s name, identification number, plan and tier membership(s), reciprocal system(s), cumulative pension contribution and interest balance as of December 31st, 2023, and total years of service as of December 31st, 2023.

Am I able to borrow from my SCERS pension system?

You may not borrow from your SCERS account.  The account balance is only available upon permanent separation from all SCERS-covered employment. 

If the account balance is withdrawn, your SCERS membership will be terminated, and your eligibility and rights to all benefits from SCERS will be forfeited.

What does active and deferred membership mean?

Active members are members who are actively contributing to the SCERS pension system. 

Deferred members are those who have ceased SCERS-covered employment and no longer accumulate pension benefits.  Deferred members may or may not be vested. 

What does “vested” mean?

When a member is vested, he or she has earned a right to receive a monthly SCERS retirement benefit upon retirement eligibility. 

You are considered to be a vested member of SCERS if any of the following apply:

  • You receive credit for five (5) years of full-time service with a Participating Employer
  • You reach age 70, regardless of the number of years of service
  • You are eligible for Vested status based on prior public employment covered by a Reciprocal System.

What does reciprocity mean?

Reciprocity is a legal arrangement with certain state and county retirement systems to recognize service credits and pensionable compensation earned by their members in other systems.

Why did I not receive an annual member statement by mail?

SCERS sends annual member statements to active and deferred members only. 

Members who do not receive annual member statements are: 

  • retired members
  • members with a pending retirement application
  • members pending a refund

If you should have received an annual statement and did not, have you recently moved? SCERS sends annual statements to the most recent address on file. To change your address, please submit an updated Member’s Affidavit to SCERS.