Martha Hoover

Photo of Martha Hoover.

Elected by the Retired Members

Martha Hoover was reelected Retiree Trustee in October 2022.  Ms. Hoover’s current term expires December 31, 2025.

Ms. Hoover served as the Alternate Retiree Trustee on the SCERS Board for six years before she was first elected as the Retiree Trustee in 2019.

Ms. Hoover has a strong financial background due to her experience as a County Debt Officer, in which she participated in creating, reviewing, and revising numerous financial transaction documents related to issuing County Bonds, Revenue Bonds and Certificates of Participation.

Ms. Hoover’s knowledge of the SCERS pension system has grown throughout her service on the Board, where she also serves on the SCERS Board Audit Committee and other SCERS Board committees. She continues to build upon her financial education pertaining to managing a pension system.