January 15, 2020 10:00 a.m.



Open Session

Item 1 – Swearing-In Ceremony – No Materials

Item 2 – Call to Order – No Materials

Item 3 – Public Comment – No Materials

Consent Matters

Item 4 – Minutes

Item 5 – Ratification of Service Retirement Application Approvals––December 2019

Item 6 – CEO Delegated Authority Expense Report​

Item 7 – Board Education Compliance Report for 2019

Item 8 – IT Modernization Program Quarterly Review

Item 9 – Placement Agent Disclosure Report – Fourth Quarter 2019

Item 10 – Monthly Investment Manager Activity – December   2019

Executive Reports

Item 11 – Chief Executive Officer’s Report (No Materials)

Item 12 – Chief Investment Officer’s Report (No Materials)

Administrative Matters

Item 13 – Independent Auditor Contract Extension
Staff to recommend Board extend Brown Armstrong’s contract for audit services and authorize CEO to execute necessary documents. Deliberation and action.

Item 14 – UC Davis Medical Center Pension Liabilities
Staff to present actuarial report on outstanding UC Davis Medical Center pension obligations and recommend Board determine a triggering event has occurred. Deliberation and action.

Item 15 – Strategic Management Plan – Quarterly Performance Report
Staff to present report on progress toward meeting goals identified in the 2019-20 Strategic Management Plan. Receive and file.

Item 16 – Disability Retirement Counsel Request for Proposals
Staff to recommend Board approve issuance of Request for Proposals for outside disability retirement counsel.  Deliberation and action.

Investment Matters

Item 17 – Education: Securities Litigation
General Counsel to provide overview of SCERS’ litigation policy and practices.  Receive and file.

Item 18 – Education: Global Markets Outlook
J.P. Morgan to provide overview of global market trends and forecasts.  Receive and file.