CEO Delegated Authority Policy for Personnel Matters



The purpose of this policy is to provide for the efficient and effective management of SCERS by delegating authority from the Board to the SCERS Chief Executive Officer (CEO), as the Retirement Administrator of SCERS, to appoint such administrative, technical and clerical staff personnel as are required to accomplish the necessary work of the Board.


1. Administration. As the Board-appointed retirement administrator of SCERS, the CEO shall have exclusive authority to manage and control day-to-day operations of the organization, subject to the direction and oversight of the Board.

2. Personnel Matters. The CEO shall serve as the departmental appointing authority for SCERS for County personnel matters, as defined under Sacramento County Code Section 2.78.210, including the approval of all personnel decisions concerning SCERS’ staff, consistent with applicable federal, state and County laws and policies. The CEO shall also have general authority over all SCERS’ personnel matters, including but not limited to, recruiting, onboarding, managing, promoting, disciplining and terminating executive staff exempt from civil service, including Assistant Administrators, the Chief Investment Officer and General Counsel.

a. Notwithstanding the general authority delegated above, prior to the appointment of any member of the executive staff, the CEO shall review the proposed action with the Board.

b. Also notwithstanding the general authority delegated above, prior to the termination of any member of the executive staff, the CEO shall review the proposed action with the Board President, who may elect to have the matter placed on the agenda for consideration by the Board at an upcoming Board meeting.

c. The CEO shall report to the Board regarding any significant SCERS staffing developments at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.

d. General Counsel shall report to the CEO for administrative and functional purposes and serve as legal advisor to the Board and SCERS staff in a manner consistent with his or her obligations under the California Rules of Professional Conduct.


California Government Code Sections 31522.1-31522.3, 31529.9, 31590
California Rules of Professional Conduct, Rule 1.13
Sacramento County Code Section 2.78.210


Executive Owner: Chief Executive Officer


Date Description
10/18/2023 Board approved new policy


SCERS Policy No. 043