Quick Reference Guide III
Disability Retirement Formulas


Estimated Unmodified Retirement Allowance*
As A Percentage Of Final Compensation

Nonservice-Connected Disability Retirement Formula

Formula 1

First Tier Miscellaneous Category Members
  • 1.5% times your years of credited service = “X”%.
  • If “X”% is equal to or greater than 33-1/3%, you receive “X”% of final compensation.
  • If “X”% is less than 33-1/3%, add to the actual years of credited service, the number of years between the retirement age (current) and age 65, and redo the calculation.
  • If the new “X”% is greater than 33-1/3%, you receive 33-1/3% of final compensation.
  • If the new “X”% is equal to or less than 33-1/3%, you receive that percentage of final compensation.
First Tier Safety Category Members-Representation Units 001, 002, 004, 006
  • Substitute 1.5% (in the above) with 1.8%; and, replace age 65 with 55.
  • Do the calculation.

Formula 2

Second or Third Tier Miscellaneous Category Members, First Tier Safety Category (Representation Unit 003) and Second Tier Safety
  • Also applicable to certain employees representation unit members per memorandum of understanding.
Years Credited Service Percentage of Final Compensation
5 20
6 22
7 24
8 26
9 28
10 30
11 32
12 34
13 35
14 38
15+ 40

Service-Connected Disability Retirement Formula

  • First and Second Tier Safety, First Tier Miscellaneous, Second Tier Miscellaneous and Third Tier Miscellaneous Category Members: 50% of final compensation.

*Note: In the event a member’s service retirement benefit is higher than the nonservice or service connected disability retirement benefit, SCERS may pay the service retirement benefit.