SCERS Strategic Management Program


SCERS management has adopted a new Strategic Management Program that includes an annual planning process for continuing the progress toward the goals and objectives of the SCERS Strategic Plan 2014-2018. The Strategic Management Program improves the maturity of SCERS’ strategic management capabilities with the introduction of improved processes for ownership of goals, objectives, implementation actions, performance tracking/measurement, and integrated risk management.

Central to the structure of the Strategic Management Program is the annual creation of a Strategic Management Plan that lays out specific actions SCERS staff will take during the fiscal year to accomplish the continuous improvement of the enterprise.  The resulting plan is organized around six key themes that closely resemble those in the SCERS Strategic Plan 2014-2018. The objectives within each theme have been defined to carry forward earlier Strategic Plan objectives that are not completed or remain ongoing. Additional objectives have been included to reflect changing needs and priorities since 2014.

The six key themes include the following:

  1. Customer Service
  2. Investment
  3. Sustainable Funding
  4. Enterprise Capability and Technology
  5. Stakeholder Relations
  6. Workforce Development

SCERS Strategic Management Plan 2018-2019

SCERS Strategic Plan 2014-2018