Next Phase for Alameda Correction Refunds


SCERS is conducting the next phase of the Alameda correction project and is sending notices to approximately 400 retired members who are owed refunds on overpaid contributions but do not require a further adjustment to their pension allowance. 

This group retired on or after August 21, 2020, shortly after the Supreme Court’s Alameda ruling; SCERS has removed disallowed pay items in pension calculations on a going-forward basis for this population. A letter dated October 21, 2022, has been sent out to these members via certified mail.

In September, SCERS sent notices to approximately 4,200 active and deferred members regarding refunds and distribution options of overpaid retirement contributions. Distribution of those funds is expected by the end of November for the active and deferred member population.

The process for adjusting pension allowances for the remaining group of approximately 1,400 retired members is ongoing.  SCERS expects to send detailed correction notices to the next group of approximately 500 retirees in November and provide an update to other retired members on the status of the correction process.