Late Summer Target for Next Round of Alameda Pension Adjustments


SCERS is targeting the August 31 payment date for the next round of pension adjustments for retirees impacted by the Supreme Court’s Alameda decision.

SCERS is processing pension recalculations in batches throughout the year, with the goal of completion by December 2023. The first 400 retirement adjustments were processed in March 2023, with about 1,000 pension adjustments remaining in progress to remove pay elements that are no longer allowed to be included in the Final Compensation amount.

Additionally, SCERS is targeting late summer to finalize contribution refunds for approximately 80 divorced active and deferred members with community-property considerations. SCERS has processed more than 4,000 contribution refunds to active and deferred members who overpaid retirement contributions on now-excluded pay items. The remaining group has required additional review.

Affected members will receive an individual notice with the correction details.

For more information visit or call 916-874-9119.