Important Tax Information


Retirees should receive their Form 1099-R from the Sacramento County Employees’ Retirement System (SCERS) in late January or early February 2019. Please note that the SCERS’ Employee Identification Number (EIN) has changed. The change is effective for the 2018 tax year and for future tax years. Please be sure to update your tax filing records and forms accordingly. If someone prepares and/or files your taxes for you, be sure to notify your tax preparer of this change.

SCERS State EIN: 80072218
SCERS Federal EIN: 26-0096542

Why the change? Sacramento County and SCERS operate distinctly different lines of business. Sacramento County serves active County employees while SCERS serves County retirees. For improved financial reporting, Sacramento County and SCERS agreed that SCERS obtain its own EIN to improve financial reporting and related activities.

If you have questions, please call SCERS at (916) 874-9119.