Court-Mandated Pension Reductions Underway


The Sacramento County Employees’ Retirement System (SCERS) has provided notice to approximately 400 retirees regarding adjustments to their pensions effective in the March 2023 pension payment, in compliance with the California Supreme Court’s “Alameda” decision.

SCERS is continuing to process adjustments affecting approximately 1,100 additional retirees in the coming months. Due to the large volume of corrections, SCERS is recalculating the pension allowances in batches.

Why are pensions being adjusted?

Pensions are being recalculated to exclude earnings on pay elements that can no longer be considered in pensionable earnings. This correction affects approximately 1,500 SCERS retirees who retired on or after January 1, 2013.

Why does my pension adjustment not match the pay element earnings?

Your pension adjustment is based on a calculation of your final average salary which includes some or all of the pay elements identified in the notice letter. Pensions are calculated utilizing age at retirement, years of service, and final average salary. The median pension reduction calculated for the first group of 400 retirees is about $1.57/month.

Do I owe SCERS money for my overpaid benefit?

SCERS will not be recovering overpaid pension benefits from retirees.

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