SCERS Nominated for aiCIO’s 2013 Industry Innovation Award for Pension Plans with Under $15 billion in Assets


UPDATE: SCERS named runner-up for aiCIO's Industry Innovation Award for Pension Plans with Under $15 Billion in Assets

The aiCIO Industry Innovation Awards recognize the world’s leading institutional investors in ten categories, including foundations, endowments, corporate plans, sovereign wealth funds, and public pension plans of various asset levels. The nominees come from around the globe, and SCERS is one of six nominees in the category of public pension funds with $15 Billion or less in assets. Last year the winner in this category was the CERN Pension Fund, which is the Switzerland-based pension fund for the European nuclear regulatory agency.

The other nominees for the under $15 Billion category are:

  • Arizona PSPRS
  • City of Philadelphia Board of Pensions and Retirement
  • Merseyside Pension Fund
  • Missouri State Employees’ Retirement System
  • San Bernardino County Employees’ Retirement Association

While this is clearly stiff competition, and regardless of the outcome, SCERS believes this nomination reflects and validates that SCERS’ investment program is in the top ranks of public pension funds.